Sunday, April 30, 2006

Fight Club: The Movie

Just finished watching the movie Fight Club. Well, I was going to write a rave review after about the first hour, but the second half kind of dimmed my perception of the movie. The first half amazed me with its ability to talk about materialism, inauthenticity, and fear. The second half, with the addition of a disappointing plot twist, made a typical turn into suspense movie mode. The movie is still great. It's just, it's not quite the "Wake Up" Manifesto I thought it was.

If you've never seen Fight Club, you should definitely check it out, if just for it's great wake up call to members of modern society. In short, the movie tells you to wake up, stop pretending like tomorrow will be better than today, and start to live the life you really want.


Now I'll have to check out the book. And be very, very happy. Because the movie is always better than the book.

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Lord Ebon said...

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Because the movie is always better than the book.
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I think you got things backwards there buddy.
The word of the day is ghwyya.