Monday, May 01, 2006

Oil? Mm, Sexy!

Well, I sometimes think that Dave and I are the only people to think about this stuff, but just in case I'll share this site with you: Winning the Oil Endgame. If you click on the Read The Book link, you can read the ebook for free.

I haven't read much, but anything offering a solution to the upcoming oil problem is a nice refresher. This is definitely on my Must Read list. What, the end of the world doesn't have to come? Score!


PS - I found this site from the new Mm, I knew this stuff was sexy. This is just more proof.

And yes, this IS what I do with my life. :) Well, when I'm not hanging out with friends or learning non-world saving things. Or any of the other myriad things I do. :9

1 comment:

AccuPratt said...

No wonder you like this site...there's a nude girl in the Whats New Section.

You know Dave...If you want can legally buy it now!