Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fitness With Finesse

I came across an interesting fitness site called HyperStrike. It basically tailor-creates a fitness program (both strength and cardio) for you with just a few bits of information. The best part is all the animation provided on how to do the exercises. And it's all free (for now).

I'm currently (well, by currently I mean not currently) using Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning program (without paying the giant price for the book) with just bodyweight, but I might just try the HyperStrike program when I go to college and have a real gym with real weights at my disposal.

Check it out if you're interesting in getting in shape (or more in shape).


1 comment:

Tallxcrunner said...

Psh... who wants to get in shape?

I like that idea with the growing meat. I just wonder how they're going to feed the meat. I guess I could read it, but meh.