Saturday, July 01, 2006

GodAIM, Part 3

SexyDaveDarmon: Hey, god, um, you there?

Godizzle: Does the little icon say "available?"

SexyDaveDarmon: Point taken.

Godizzle: Good, now, what's up?

SexyDaveDarmon: I have something to ask you about. Something that's been bothering me.

Godizzle: Is this "thing" more of a heaven or earth question?

SexyDaveDarmon: I guess more of an earth one. Though, what's the difference?

Godizzle: Nevermind that. Okay, so, it's a question of the earth. We need to get some more Heaven in this jaun thing. Word!!!

SexyDaveDarmon: Yes, well, maybe later. For now, I really have this problem.

Godizzle: Really, you have a problem? Let me play Ramana Maharshi on your ass and ask, "Who are you?"

SexyDaveDarmon: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's real great. We could get far into that rabbit hole and never come out. But for now, can I just get on with my question?

Godizzle: "Your" question? Now, who is this "you."

SexyDaveDarmon: Dude.

Godizzle: Okay, okay, okay. What's this problem?

SexyDaveDarmon: I can't quite figure something out. It's really something quite simple, but it's blowing my mind, so to speak.

Godizzle: And...

SexyDaveDarmon: My question is this: where does one draw the line between introspection and narcissism?

Godizzle: Fuck lines.

SexyDaveDarmon: Huh?

Godizzle: I said "fuck lines."

SexyDaveDarmon: How can I "fuck" lines?

Godizzle: Simple. Stop drawing them. Or I should say, stop letting your mind draw them.

SexyDaveDarmon: What do you mean?

Godizzle: Look at the real world. Are there any lines? Any lines that haven't been drawn by you?

SexyDaveDarmon: Well, yeah, of course. There's hot and cold. And, uh, acid / base. And of course, you and me.

Godizzle: Bull. You know that's all bull. None of those dichomotomies exist unless you make them so. And you know that's true.

SexyDaveDarmon: So, you're saying that I make all the divisions out there. None of them are really there? Everything is "one," right?

Godizzle: Yep.

SexyDaveDarmon: I don't know, that just seems a little too simple to me.

Godizzle: Yep.

SexyDaveDarmon: You seem pretty sure of all this.

Godizzle: Hey, I'm god.

SexyDaveDarmon: But can we get back to my question. Disregarding the fact that the narcissism/introspection dichotomy doesn't actually exist, in my world it does, and it's bugging me.

Godizzle: When do you feel most full? Most complete?

SexyDaveDarmon: When I'm learning and growing.

Godizzle: Have you ever encountered a time when this learning and growing didn't help those around you?

SexyDaveDarmon: Most of the time. I mean, I don't do charity or donate much money to poor people or anything like that. I'm pretty lousy at helping the world.

Godizzle: What do you do with your time?

SexyDaveDarmon: Nothing of much importance. That's why I feel like shit at the end of the week.

Godizzle: So, the problem isn't whether or not your being narcissistic or introspective, it's whether or not you're actually living a conscious, growth-filled life, right?

SexyDaveDarmon: Hm, I guess it is! I wouldn't have thought of that!

Godizzle: And that's why you're not god!

SexyDaveDarmon: Touché!

Godizzle: Well, I'm off to enjoy my summer. You might try doing that instead of worrying so much about accomplishing things. This is your last summer before college, you know? And it'll be over in a flash.

SexyDaveDarmon: Yeah, thanks God. You're always a great help.

Godizzle: No problem. Peace.

SexyDaveDarmon: Namaste.

Godizzle signed off at 10:58

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