Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cool Puzzle

My mom brought me home this really cool optical puzzle pamphlet with the cow and two-faced woman puzzles. Serendipitously, today I found another interesting puzzle on an interesting site.

Try to see how many faces you can find. I found seven, but apparently you should find ten.

I love these sorts of puzzles because they analogically match with enlightenment so well. Enlightenment resembles seeing the faces in a picture where you before saw nothing. Beautiful. And everpresent.


Oh, and if you liked this one, you can check out Mycoted, the site I got this from. It bills itself as a creativity site. Sounds good to me!

Ooh, and I found a whole bunch more here. Cool beans!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the bird,
the three faces around the post the bird sits on (one facing left towards the post, one facing right towards the post, and one that overlaps that last one to face straight out towards you,
the face on the right hand side facing another post at the top of the wall,
the old man,
the woman,
her baby,
the head that they are part of that faces to the left,
the dog