Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Well, I had written a whole big long awesome post. And then blogger killed it. Though, to be honest, my silly absent-mindedness killed it. So, no harm done, blogger?

Because of that, I'll just be leaving you with the links to everything, and trust that you can fill in the blanks that would have been an awesome post. Think of it as Mad Libs. Trust me, every click is worth is. I'll even give you an interesting, descriptive link title for each site.

The Funniest Show You Can Watch with Your Pants on (With Some Sarcasm, Current Events, and Plain Old Common Sense)

The Best Online Radio that Doesn't Rhyme with Baboo

An Interesting Exercise In Seeing If Music Can Be Broken Down Into Genetic Bits And Still Be Found Enjoyable (IE This Will Find Lots of Songs You Didn't Know You Liked)

I Now Know How to Tie My Shoe in not one, not two, but THREE ways!!!

And to think, I could have just rewritten the post. Psha.

PS - If you haven't checked out the Chi Movie blog recently, there's some commotion over there. And by commotion, I mean I think we'll get together tomorrow between 1600 and 1800 at an undetermined location (probably my house).

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