Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nocturnal Energies

I find that the night has so much more energy than the daytime. Strange, one would think it's the other way around. But at night, the silence is such a blessing. And the solitude.

It might also be that the infernal television downstairs is off. I hate TV. I really do. I know that a good part of my hatred is irrational and unnecessary, but that doesn't change it.

Anyway, I'm considering switching my biological clock over to nightime waking, daytime sleeping (for the rest of the summer). I think I'll get much more done this way and enjoy my waking hours much more. And I can enjoy the silence and energy of nightime.

I look forward to having my own home (probably an apartment) someday, just because I'll be able to have this nightime feeling (namel solitude and quiet) 24/7. I think. Though I will miss the family.

Just thought I'd share. I mean, I guess this isn't anything special. Just typical teenage circadian rhythms. I'm just going to stop fighting mine.


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Tallxcrunner said...

My circadian rhythm is actually working now... its insane. I actually get tired at 10. I don't go to bed at 10, but if I decided to, I would actually go to sleep. Have fun with your whole nocturnal thing... you and your not having to do things.