Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wanna Learn Morse Code (And Other Cool Things)

I found a rather amazing book titled Mind Performance Hacks while perusing through the good 'ol RSS Reader (well, I consider it an amazing book [for reasons I will elucidate later]).

Critics hail this book as "a toolbox that you can use to improve your performance and understand things that often are unconsciousy occurring to us on a regular basis." Topics include memory, information processing, creativity, math, decision making, communication, clarity, and mental fitness. Keep in mind all of this stems from the concept of the mind as software. An apt metaphor, considering the brain as the hardware. I like it.

Anyway, this book reminds me of my freshman days of high school. At that time, I spent a great deal of my leisure hours learning memory techniques and other "brain enhancing activities" (yeah, I definitely acted like quite the dork, trying to learn as much as possible... quite the Renaissance Man). If I had found this then (admittedly, it didn't exist then), I might have peed myself (wait, that happened Sophomore year...).

Anyway, if you would like to learn how to use Morse Code in a day (I have the whole system more or less memorized, and I started at around 1300 today and only spent 1 hour max on it spread throughout the day) as alluded to in the title of this post, check out this link to a PDF file. In fact, check out all of the free PDF's here. Every last one of these hacks opens your mind to wider and greater possibilities. At least, they did for me.

Once you've exhausted the hacks, head on over to to read up on more mind performance hacks (the author of this site authored Mind Performance Hacks). Lots more thought provoking material here, for free.

One of the more interesting concepts
shared on this wiki, known as E-Prime, proposes removing the verb "to be" and all its conjugations from the English Language. I hope to discuss the implications of this idea at in a future post. This idea opens many doors into linguistic theory. (If you haven't noticed, I haven't used the verb "to be" yet, and it's [there it is!] been a bitch. Just trying to eliminate the verb itself offers an eye-opening experience. And makes me sound like a major douche).

I hope you find all of this as interesting as I do. If not, I will feel very dorky. :( And you wouldn't want that! :)



Tallxcrunner said...

nope... before that point, you used a you've. Sorry. Now you have to kill yourself.

Anonymous said...

"You've" contains "to have", not "to be".

brielle said...

you've is not a form of be. you've does not describe anything pertaining to be of the forms of it. now YOU have to kill yourself.