Monday, July 17, 2006

Sam Harris = Brilliant

Wow, I just finished (well, in truth, I finished it a little over two hours ago, but I've been going strong [even going to keep up with that Goldeneye promise. :)]) The End of Faith by Sam Harris. One, well, maybe two words! Frickin' brilliant. He pulls the sheet out from under religion in one of the most provocative, scientific (and not materialist!), and articulate ways I've ever experienced. At the same time, he offers the place for a rational, secular approach to understanding reality at it's most basic (read spiritual) level. Beware of many head-aches as your dualistic mind tries to wrap itself around it's final demise. :)

I highly recommend this brilliant book. I'll talk more about some of it's high points in later (though not later [time of day]) posts. If you're interested and don't yet want to buy the book (or get it from the library, for that matter), check out some of Harris' writings and television appearances. They're good stuff.

Yeah, it's nice to watch Sam talk to the "moderate" religionists. The ones that somehow claim stem cell research causes cancer?! Wow. That's right up there with the "scientific studies" that prove that abortions cause breast cancer.

PS - And now I may broach an interesting area I haven't considered: am I an atheist? Maybe. But not in the way most people consider this idea.


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