Monday, July 03, 2006

Progress. It's for the Strong.

Hm, after watching October Sky, I suddenly feel like I've only been running around in circles my entire life. True, I have accomplished a few things, but all of those things have just been by coasting. Very few things in my life have been accomplished by sheer force of will, determination, and passion.

I wonder sometimes how it is fair that someone that's spoiled like me gets everything, while someone from the very bottom of society gets NOTHING. Yet that person from the very bottom can manage to far surpass me by their drive alone, while I continue to sit here and spin my wheels.

I'd like to say that "things will be different" in college. That I'll actually take a path other than the one of least resistance. That I'll actually push myself for once in my life. To do something great. To be something great.

I just don't know.

In October Sky, Homer manages to beat the odds. Not because he waited for things to get better before he followed his dream. Not because he asked for the approval of the townspeople. No, he did it because he knew he had to.

Tony Robbins has a saying that the great men and women in the world got to where they are not because of resources, but because of resourcefulness. With enough creativity, drive, and passion, a person starting from the bottom can work their way up to anything they can dream of.

I need to remember that. I won't get anywhere if I only travel on sunny days. Resourcefulness, not resources.


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