Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dude... (TEDTalks)

Okay, this "dude" is completely unrelated to the previous one. But it still merits the dude.

I was looking up Podcasts, and I stumbled upon something called TEDTalks. It's from TED, a get together that stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. On the site, one person totes TED as the "pre-Heaven" get together of all the greatest minds in the world.

After watching some of the videos here, I have to agree. Not only are these people brilliant and passionate, they're funny. My personal favorite is below. It's from David Pogue, a technology columnist. Warning: Pogue is a known Mac aficionado, so prepare for some Windows humor.

I hope you enjoy these presentations. They make me all electrified inside. I know that feeling of inspiration is just a state I'm in. I wish I knew how to get to where they are ALL THE TIME.


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