Monday, June 19, 2006

Cuz Zaadz Rocks!

Zaadz Collection

Look at all the cool stuff that Zaadz sent me! That's one copy of The Essential Ken Wilber, one copy of Love, one copy of Good Business, one issue of What is Enlightenment, of Utne, of Ode, and of VegNews, along with some kickass Zaadz cards and a paperback version of thinkarete.themanifesto. Oh yeah, and I can't forget the freakin' awesome t-shirt!

In other words, kick ass!

I got all this stuff for joining the "ambassador" program. I figure I helped the cause by mentioning Zaadz in my graduation speech. Now I'll mention it again here. Zaadz is out there to Change the World. Go and join, if you so choose. It's like MySpace, but with a purpose! How hardcore is that.

I'll be getting more involved over at Zaadz as I find the time (and all I have now is time!).

Goodnight, all.

And remember, let your light shine.

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