Monday, June 26, 2006

A More Measured Approach

I've realized after thinking for way too long that the reason I don't get anything done is because I think too much. Ooh, got you on that one, huh?!

Anyway, my point is that I've been trying to "do" too many things at once and in the process ended up doing none of them. That's tricky.

Now my goal is to be more measured and actually get things done as a result. For example, my big goal for the next 30 days is to get up at 8 AM every day. That may not sound like much (then again, it might sound like a lot), but it's the one thing I'm setting my sights on. I realized that by getting up at 11 AM each day, I waste about 3 hours per day, so that's about 21 hours per week. That's almost a day! Sleep is good, but not THAT good!

Another thing you might notice is more structure at this site. Don't worry, there will still be the willy nilly posts like this one that just spring up organically, but there will also be the more carefully planned out serieses, like GodAIM (The Reckoning), a primer on Buddhism, and more exciting ideas as they pop up.

Why all this sudden decision to get something done? Because I realized that I only have 8 weeks of summer left, no job, and nothing to show for the past two weeks.



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