Friday, June 23, 2006

The Stink of Zen

There's a saying in Zen Buddhism about someone that only thinks about the concepts of Zen instead of practicing them. They're said to "stink of Zen."

I find myself suffering from that affliction. (And I can't seem to spell!). Far too much cerebral activity and far too little action. Luckily, I have three graduation parties to look forward to in the next two days. Hopefully that will allow me to shake up all this stuffiness I've built up over the last week.

You see, it's not that I'm bored with Summer or with what I'm doing. It's just that I think I'm missing out on some of the other things I could be doing. You know, like pleasurable (in that very moment) activities. I feel very ethereal right now, very otherworldly. I need some major grounding.

Hm, sounds crazy. Yes.


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