Thursday, June 15, 2006

Good-byes = Bad-byes

Okay, whoever invented the word "good bye" needs to be shot. Right now. Or, rather, they should be said good bye to.

Seriously, though, there has to be a better way of offering a farewell. I like aloha. It means hello and good bye. Then there's the saying about how if you never stop waving good bye, you just might end up waving hello again. Yes, that phrase has to be encapsulated into a word. A word such as nestwagobyyojumienupwaheag. Hm, that's a mouthful. How about Bob?

From now on, instead of good bye, I will say Bob.

So, Bob to all of you for tonight (this morning). And there are a whole lot more bobs in store.


PS - And in all actuality, there are no goodbyes, or Bobs. We are all one. Forever. In this moment. Om.

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