Monday, June 26, 2006

Movie Schedule

As long as it's alright with everyone, I'm proposing that we start brainstorming / filming the "movie" (which I imagine we'll have to give a title eventually...) tomorrow. I'm going to take today to get caught up on some of my backlogged work, such as the Science Olympiad Video.

I'm available all day tomorrow. If you could, please post the time you'd prefer to get together here, or just e-mail me. And I guess we need somewhere to meet. We can meet at my house, but I'd prefer not to (not much room for any sort of meeting without interruptions). If anyone has any ideas, feel free to post / e-mail them as well.

Well, thanks for your patience. I'm not the best group coordinator ever, but I'll do my best. Or someone else could take over. You know, whatever works.

So, when we meet tomorrow, have some ideas on hand. Or don't. We'll just have a massive brainstorming session and figure out where we're going with this.

But most of all, this should be FUN. It's summer. Our last one before college.

Thanks everyone.


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