Saturday, January 21, 2006

31 536 000 Seconds

Time must truly be an illusion, a vision sent
From somewhere not-here
Because how else can you explain that
Time creeps along and leaps along
All in the same instant?

31 536 000 seconds in time can mean a lot.
It can mean the start of something new,
Or the end of something old.
It can mean smiles, laughs, and hugs
Or frowns, tears, and punches.

31 million instants. That's
525 600 minutes. Each of those
Precious, each of those memorable.
Each of those necessary, each of those

How could they pass in an instant,
An instant that seems to span an abyss
That could only be crossed in a single pass?

Is it possible it's been that long?
Is it possible life can change that much?

I guess it is.
I guess it must be.

And looking back on that chasm of
31 536 000 seconds, it has.

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