Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Brain Dump [Almost done freshman year]

Time for a mind dump. Literally, a giant dump of my mind onto this page. And this page eventually shifting to this blog. And this blog shifting to your eyes, your neurons, and eventually your brain.

Okay, nevermind. I don't want to go that stream of consciousness. I'm just not feeling that right now. But I do feel like freezing this moment in time. For no really good reason. This moment won't ultimately matter too much in the future. It won't matter that much in 24 hours when I'm [insert illegal state {of being} that I won't actually be in]. But maybe that's a good enough reason to write this. To remind myself not to take myself so seriously. Because God knows I could use a hearing of that every once in a while!

Anyway. I'm stressing because I have a Chem final and a Math final. Like usual, I'm more worried about the math final. It's not a 'math' math final. Nah, Discrete isn't like that. It's all about thinking and creativity. Something I'm not 100% good at in mathematics. Chemistry, sure. Writing, probably. Life in general, some of the time. In mathematics, well, er, nah. But luckily I have most of the material verbatim in my mind, so I don't have to be too creative. Unfortunately, I can't just spit out a formula. It doesn't work like that. But we'll see how it goes. Plus, it's ultimately only 20% of my final grade, so I can bomb it and still end up doing quite well. But let's just hope I don't bomb!

Then Chem. Right after Math. 3 hours each. Wham, bam, thank you, Registrar! Not really too worried about that one. For two main reasons (1) I've done well in the class the entire year, so for me to freak out on the final wouldn't really make any sort of sense (2) the final will most likely be curved [apparently it's one of the hardest subjects a lot of people take. I wouldn't say it's hard, just different. Once you get the difference, it's just a matter of a lot of memorization], so I don't have to do well, I just have to do better than everyone else. A horrible mentality to have, sure, but it's the truth. And the truth shall set you free.

So, that's it. I should be getting to bed soon. But I feel like there's so much more I should be studying. But maybe I already have all the info in my head. There's no scientific evidence proving that we can actually forget something: just that we can't always recall it on demand. So, here's to recalling on demand.

Oh, and in response to Brian's comment [hi Brian! I hope you're doing well! You're a lucky man for getting of that 'hell hole' early!], I wanted to clarify something about my Facebook habits. When I said that I spend 'the rest of the time' on Facebook, I didn't mean that literally. I'm not a Facebook addict that spends my every waking hour looking at people's profiles [nothing wrong with that either... different strokes for different folks!]. I go on there maybe 4 times a day to check status updates. But Brian's inspired me to cut back on that too. I shouldn't be so busy seeing how other people are living to miss out on living my own life. That just doesn't make too much sense!

Well, I should get back to studying now. Time to make sure that the Chem is still fresh in my overly swollen head [of hot air?].



Lord Ebon said...
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Lord Ebon said...

Oh you and your almost-done-itude.

You're so silly. You're all so silly.

((Comment above deleted due to typos))

brian said...

Hey, I was just messing with you about the Facebook thing, I always say stuff like that about Facebook, Myspace and the like.